At Erik’s we’re about so much more than clothing. We’re about fit, style, color, budget and your unique tastes. In addition to what's on the showroom floor, we have the ability to (and do almost every single day for clients) special order from most of our vendors. In addition, we feature custom-measured clothing made in the United States of America.

Our newest custom-fit clothing, the custom shirt line by STANTT, is amazing! Take a few minutes and come in and get measured for a dress or casual shirt. We have 103 unique shirt sizes here for you to try on and we can make any adjustments to get the fit just how you like it. This revolutionary fit, process and fabric/style selection is only here at Erik's!

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cloth·ing /noun
the things that people wear to cover their bodies

cul·ture /noun
a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or organization; artistic activities (music, theater, painting, etc.); appreciation and knowledge of music, theater, painting, etc.

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We want to serve you in every way possible to build your wardrobe or get you that piece you’ve been looking for. Erik’s is a unique find between Toledo and Cleveland, with a gallery of great items from which to choose. In addition to our in-stock clothing, shoes and accessories, we also offer:

new location!
we do wedding suits!
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